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After changing devices I can't use LINE on my previous device. toggle
If you register to LINE using the same phone number or email address as you did on the previous device, the LINE account on the previous device will be automatically deleted, and you will not be able to start LINE on that device.

We are sorry to say that if you have already verified your account on the new device, there is no way to recover the previous account.

*If you want to use LINE on multiple devices, you will need a different phone number for each device.

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Other Problems

What should I do if I encounter a problem when using LINE? toggle
If you experience a problem when using LINE, please try the steps below. If you need any assistance with them, please contact your mobile phone manufacturer.

Sometimes, you may be asked to log in to your account again after updating the app or your OS. Please register you email address or verify your Facebook account using the steps here to ensure that you can carry over your account successfully.

1. Update the LINE app.
2. Restart the LINE app (details).
3. Restart your device.
4. Update your OS.
5. Delete the LINE app’s cache.
6. Delete any unnecessary apps and data.

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