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    About the LINE Token Economy

    LINE Blockchain

    About LINE BITMAX Wallet

    Digital assets that can be managed on LINE BITMAX Wallet

    Difference between LINE BITMAX and LINE BITMAX Wallet

    Signing up for a LINE BITMAX Wallet account

    Recommended system specifications for LINE BITMAX Wallet

    Can I log in from multiple devices and browsers?


    About LINK

    LINK rewards

    Checking your LINK rewards

    Exchanging LINK rewards for LINK

    About the Auto Accept setting

    Checking LINK exchanged from LINK rewards

    Expiration date for receiving LINK

    Times when LINK rewards can't be exchanged

    Tokens were added to my account


    About items

    Items were added to my account

    All my items are gone


    Sending tokens and items

    Can I send items and tokens to friends that don't have a LINE BITMAX Wallet account?

    Can I send LINK to my LINE BITMAX Wallet?


    Checking your transaction history

    A transaction in my history says it's in progress

    A transaction in my history says it failed

    An item or token that I'm sending no longer appears


    Deleting your LINE BITMAX Wallet account

    Opening a LINE BITMAX Wallet account again

    Can I still use other services after deleting my LINE BITMAX Wallet account?

    Can I still use LINE BITMAX Wallet after deleting my accounts for other services?

    A message appeared saying my country is not supported

    What happens to my digital assets when my LINE BITMAX Wallet account is deleted?


    Changing your passcode

    I forgot my passcode

    I was locked out of my account for entering an incorrect passcode too many times

    NFT Market

    End of service notice for the beta version of NFT Market


    What is the Blockchain Service list under External Services?

    I'm having an issue with LINE BITMAX Wallet

    I can't log in with Safari

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