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    About DOSI Wallet

    About DOSI Wallet

    Assets that can be managed on DOSI Wallet

    About blockchains


    About NFTs

    NFTs were added to my DOSI Wallet

    Can I transfer NFTs outside of DOSI Wallet?

    Saving your NFT images/videos

    My NFTs disappeared

    Setting one of your NFTs as your profile image

    My profile image disappeared


    Tokens were added to my DOSI Wallet

    Transfer History

    Transfer History

    Your account

    Signing up for a DOSI Wallet account

    I can't log in to the social media service I used to sign up for my DOSI Wallet account

    I forgot which account I used to sign up for DOSI Wallet

    Unlocking a locked account

    I'm not receiving the verification email

    I didn't receive the phone number verification code

    Deleting your DOSI Wallet account

    Signing up for DOSI Wallet again after deleting your account

    What happens to your assets when your DOSI Wallet account is deleted

    Changing your registered email address if you're not receiving notifications via email

    Changing your phone number

    Can I keep using DOSI Wallet after deleting a linked service's account?

    Can I keep using services linked to DOSI Wallet if I delete my DOSI Wallet account?

    The permission screen still appears after granting permission for the social media account I verified at login


    About your DOSI Wallet passcode

    Changing your DOSI Wallet passcode

    I forgot my DOSI Wallet passcode

    Reactivating your DOSI Wallet account after entering the wrong passcode too many times


    Countries that cannot make payments with DOSI Wallet

    Available payment methods

    I saw an error when trying to make a payment

    Checking payment details

    I was charged for something I don't remember purchasing

    Refunding purchased NFTs

    Are there service fees for purchasing NFTs?

    I want to sell NFTs that I purchased

    What is the Korean won (KRW) base price when using NAVER Pay?

    About 3-D Secure

    About spending limits

    Making payments with FINSCHIA

    Making payments with Ethereum

    Can I check the NFTs I purchased with Ethereum in MetaMask?

    About the gas fee

    Changing your billing address

    Checking Taiwanese electronic invoices (eGUI/E-Invoice)


    Countries and regions where DOSI Wallet is unavailable

    How do I file taxes?

    I can't open the DOSI Wallet browser in the MetaMask app

    I agreed to the Marketing Policy but am not receiving promotional emails

    Recommended system specifications for DOSI Wallet

    Can I log in from multiple devices and browsers?

    I can't log in with Safari

    About W-8BEN

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