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    About Rooms

    I can't host a Room

    I can't join a Room as a guest

    Closing Partyrooms

    Making Partyrooms with only your LINE friends

    Can I search for a specific Partyroom?

    I joined a Partyroom but I don't hear any music

    Can I make song requests in a Partyroom?

    Are songs played in Partyrooms added to the Recently played list?

    Adding Partyroom songs to playlists

    Does playing songs in Partyrooms affect their rankings?

    Can I block guests in a Partyroom?

    The Partyroom I was in suddenly closed

    Getting notified when Partyrooms start

    How many people can join a Partyroom?

    Can I use the karaoke feature in Partyrooms?

    Can songs played in Partyrooms run in the background?

    Audio quality for songs played in Partyrooms

    Creating/joining Partyrooms without a LINE MUSIC subscription

    Will my LINE friends be notified when I start or join a Partyroom?

    Joining Rooms

    Creating Rooms

    Joining invitation only Partyrooms

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