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To create an audience:
1. From the top page, click the Ad accounts tab > the ad account you want to create an audience for.
2. Click the menu icon at the top left of the Ad manager screen > Audience under Shared library.
3. Click + New audience.

4. Select the type of audience you want to create, fill out the fields, and click Save.

See below for information on the settings available for each audience type.

Web Traffic Audience
• Audience name
This is the name that will appear in your audience list. You can set any name you want, and edit it at any time.

• People who
- Everyone who visited website: Tracks users who visited all of the pages with inserted LINE tags.

- People who visited specific page: Tracks users who visited a specific URL from the pages that have inserted LINE tags. Specify a target page by adding a single URL/keyword, or use OR/AND rules to add multiple values.
Note: URLs/keywords including asterisks or wildcards cannot be used.

<Using multiple rules to setting target pages>
Examples using "URL A" and "URL B"
• Using OR: You can track users who visited either URL A or URL B.
• Using AND: You cannot track users. (You cannot track users who visited both URL A and URL B.)

Examples using "Keyword A" and "Keyword B"
• Using OR: You can track users who visited a URL that contains either Keyword A or Keyword B.
• Using AND: You can track users who visited a URL that contains both Keyword A and Keyword B.

- People who visited event page: Track users who visited pages using custom event codes. After an event has been triggered, you'll be able to select it from the pull-down. If you want to specify a certain page out of a number of pages that have a custom event code inserted, you can do so using the URL requirements. The URL requirement settings are the same as for "People who visited specific page".

Mobile App Audience
Note: Be sure to finish registering your app under Media and linking it to a SDK.

Set an audience name of your choice and choose your registered app. Then select one of the events you registered on your SDK from the drop-down menu. You can set parameters based on the event.

- If an event hasn't been triggered, it won't appear in the drop-down menu.
- Triggered events will continue to appear in the drop-down menu for 180 days.
- If an event doesn't appear in the drop-down menu even though you registered it on your SDK, linking may have failed, or the event settings on the SDK may be incorrect.

Events and parameters that you can set

Parameter rules

Set an audience name of your choice and upload the IDFA/AAID file.
Notes about uploading files:
- Make sure to insert your IDFA or AAID as the first line. (You can only upload one IDFA/AAID file.)
- Only one IDFA/AAID is allowed for each line.
- You cannot enter multiple entries separated by commas.
- The maximum upload size for files is 60 MB.
- CSV and TXT files are supported.

You can edit (add/delete) audiences after creating them. Past upload statuses will remain in your history.

LINE Official Account Audience
Set an audience name of your choice, then choose who to include by selecting either Valid friends or Friends blocking the account.
- Selecting Valid friends will include your target reach.
- An audience can only be created using LINE IDs linked to your official account.
- Users who have deleted your account from their friends and users who haven't logged in to LINE for a long time are not included, so your account's total number of friends will not match.
- It can take up to two or three days before you can use a LINE Official Account Audience.

Lookalike Audience
Select a source audience and audience size (between 1% and 15%).
- It can take up to 24 hours before you can use a Lookalike Audience.
- Lookalike Audiences do not include the source audience.
- You can create up to ten Lookalike Audiences.

(Last updated: November 6, 2019)

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