Adding Friends

The Basics

How to add friends to your Friends List toggle
There are two ways to add friends.

Add friends by searching their LINE ID
1. Click "Add Friends" from the Menu.
2. Enter and search your friend's LINE ID.
3. Click the "Add" button to add them to your Friends list.

Adding Friends from the list
1. Click "Add Friends" from the Menu
2. Click the "Add" button on the people you want to add to your Friends list.

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Who will appear in my friend recommendations? toggle
If you're logged into your account on the smartphone version of LINE
The users that appear in Friend recommendations on the smartphone version of LINE will also appear on the PC version.

For information about how Friend recommendations work, please see this Help article.

If you're logged into the account you registered on the PC version of LINE
The following users will appear in your Friend recommendations:

• Users who have your phone number and are also using LINE (but you don't have their phone numbers).
• Users that knew your LINE ID and added you by searching it on LINE.
• Users who were in the same group or multi-person chat room and added you from the member list.
• Users who added you from your contact information (LINE account information) that was shared in a chat room by a different friend.
Note: If your contact information was shared, the user will only be able to see your name registered on LINE, profile photo, and status message.
• Users who added you from a URL in an invite email or using a QR code.

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