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    How chats work/Using chats

    How do I start a chat?

    Can I delete my chat history?

    Saving chats

    Sending files saved on your PC in chats

    Keeping a chat displayed on top at all times

    Changing how your chats are ordered

    Taking screenshots

    Changing the chat message Send key

    Inserting line breaks

    About Scan text

    Scan QR code

    Translating chats

    Sharing chat room messages, photos, videos, and files to friends

    Formatting chat messages

    Hiding chats

    Reacting to chat messages

    Displaying hidden chats

    Creating a group from a multi-person chat

    I can't create multi-person chats

    I'm not sure if my chat message was received because it isn't showing up as read

    Checking a chat message's sent status

    Searching all of your chats for certain chats or messages

    Searching messages in a chat

    About the chat mention feature

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