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    Getting Started

    How to purchase and set ringtone or ringback tone?

    About LINE Melody

    What is LINE Melody?

    Supported country

    Supported LINE version

    How many types of melodies are there?

    What is the difference between a ringtone and a ringback Tone?

    User manual

    How to purchase

    Send Melody as a gift

    Purchased melody check

    Purchase history check

    How to set Ringtone

    How to set Ringback tone

    How to share Melody

    Can I create ringtones or ringback tones using my own voice?

    How to find a melody in Melody Shop?

    Are there any songs from International artists available on Melody Shop?

    How to get update about campaigns from my favorite artists?

    Does LINE MELODY offer a free trial?

    How can I find the free melodies that LINE MELODY is giving away on special occasions?


    What payment methods do you accept?

    What does "LINE Verified Reseller" mean?

    LINE Call

    I can’t hear Ringtone or Ringback tone during LINE Group Call

    Changing accounts/devices

    Can I still use purchased melody in old account on a new phone?

    Melody by Me

    How to create my own ringtone using Melody by Me?

    What is Melody by Me?

    What are the supported devices and operating systems for Melody by Me?

    How to improve the sound quality of my audio recordings?

    Can I edit the title of the saved voices?

    How to start using the voices I have just created via Melody by Me?

    Do I need to purchase all of my recorded voices?

    How many voices can I create and save? How long are the voices saved in my account?

    How to report an inappropriate ringtone or ringback tone?

    Can I resell my recorded melodies on the Melody Shop?

    Do the purchased melodies expire?


    I can't find the melody I purchased.

    I'm having trouble completing a payment transaction for a melody.

    I'm unable to purchase a melody with coins.

    I still hear the old ringtone after selecting a new one.

    I'm having trouble creating a voice on Melody by Me.

    I'm having trouble creating more voices in Melody by Me.

    My ringback tone was changed without my knowledge

    Referring friends to LINE MELODY

    What is "Refer Friends" campaign?

    How does "Refer Friends" work?

    What are discount tickets?

    How do I redeem a discount ticket?

    Is there an expiry date on discount tickets?

    How can I view a list of discount tickets I have received?

    Why am I not receiving a discount coupon after my friend clicked on the referral link?

    Will I be eligible for a discount ticket if I purchase a melody through a referral link shared by a friend?

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