What is Linespider? toggle
Linespider is a search robot that provides a wide range of search results for LINE services while complying with personal information and copyright protection protocols.

About LINE's web data collection policy and robots.txt
1. Linespider is a search robot managed by LINE. You can identify the LINE search robot as the user agent "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Linespider...)."

2. Linespider adheres to the internationally established Robots Exclusion Protocol, or "robots.txt". For more information about robots.txt, please see here. 
By adding "User-agent:Linespider" to the robots.txt file, you can prevent the LINE search robot from accessing your site.

3. robots.txt is a standard for placing limitations on searches for websites and data. Search services which follow it will not collect data from websites with the file installed or designated pages. These limitations give priority to the owners and users of websites regarding the collection of search data, and place importance on issues related to personal information and copyright protection with the goal of creating a better internet experience.

4. Even if information is published on the internet, it does not mean that the copyright holder or website owner has given permission to publish, copy, or use information obtained using any search method, including search robots. When private written content or information is collected in searches, there is an increased possibility of copyright infringement or leaked personal information. Installing the robots.txt file makes it clear that you do not give permission to have your data collected, copied, or automatically collected by search robots.

5. In an effort to protect information and prevent malicious online activity, LINE will conform to these robots.txt standards, along with other trusted search services and data collecting programs around the world, and will not search or collect data from websites with this file installed.
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