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    What are Rubies?

    What are Coins?

    What are Hearts used for?

    How can I get Hearts?

    How long does it take for Hearts to recover automatically?

    How often can I send a heart to my friend?

    Where can I check the Hearts I got from my friends?

    How can I invite my friends?

    How many friends can I invite in total?

    Can I invite the same person more than once?

    What is a Chain?

    What is a Combo?

    What is Fever Mode?

    What are Daily Missions?

    What are items?

    What are My Tsums?

    How can I get a My Tsum?

    How can I use My Tsum?

    Do My Tsums have levels?

    Why do some Tsum Tsum plushies not increase in level?

    What kind of effect is there if My Tsum’s level increases?

    Why is the level of My Tsum are not going up anymore?

    What are Skills?

    Why is the level of the Skill not increasing?

    What are the Happy & Premium Boxes?

    Why doesn't the Mail Box show more than 99 messages?

    Is there a maximum number of friends you can have?

    What are M-Sized Disney Tsum Tsum?

    What is a Happiness Box Ticket & Premium Box Ticket?

    What items can't I receive in bulk with the “Claim All” button at the Message Box?

    What is a Bubble?

    What is Mission Bingo?

    Do I have to clear the Mission Bingo cards in order?

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