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    Making voice/video calls

    Making voice/video calls

    Are all voice/video calls free?

    Using Bluetooth devices with LINE

    Switching between friends in group video calls with seven or more people

    About call diagnostics

    Starting group calls

    How do I join an ongoing group call?

    Sharing your screen in video calls

    Changing your background in video calls

    Sharing a YouTube video in a voice/video call

    Can I stop a screen or video that's being shared in a video call?

    Reporting people in LINE meetings

    Making high definition (HD) video calls

    Setting your ringtone

    Blocking calls

    Recommended system specifications for using video call effects and filters

    I don't want LINE calls to appear in my iPhone's call history

    Pressing the iPhone power button ends my call

    Recommended system specifications for group video calls

    About LINE meetings

    Creating, deleting, and inviting others to LINE meetings

    Starting LINE meetings

    Removing people from LINE meetings

    Requirements for sharing YouTube videos or your screen in voice/video calls

    Using stickers in video calls

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