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    What kind of service is LINE Pay?

    Recommended system specifications for LINE Pay

    Is there a fee to use LINE Pay?

    LINE Pay displayed under my Wallet tab but I didn't sign up for it

    Is LINE Pay safe?

    Why was I charged an international transaction fee?

    What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?

    Personal Data Protection Policy

    Signing Up and Leaving

    How do I sign up for LINE Pay?

    Can I enable my balance if I am not a Thai citizen?

    How do I delete my LINE Pay account?

    Can I stop my child (a minor) from using LINE Pay?

    Why do I have to register my National ID Card number when opening an account?

    Will deleting my LINE account automatically delete my LINE Pay account?


    What should I do if I have forgotten my passcode?

    I want to reactivate my account

    Can I continue using LINE Pay after changing to a new device?

    How to verify your identity if you forgot your passcode

    How to reactivate your account

    I can't use my account after changing devices

    Can I use the same LINE Pay account on multiple devices?

    Do I need to enable a passcode?

    Can I deactivate my account?

    How do I change my passcode?

    I don't know the phone number or email address registered to my LINE Pay account.

    Why can't I set a passcode?

    Adding and Withdrawing Money

    How do I add money?

    How do I add money from a bank account?

    Is there a limit to the amount of money I can add?

    How do I withdraw money?

    Can I register more than one bank account?

    What should I do if I can’t register my bank account?

    I want to delete my registered bank account

    Are there fees to add and withdraw money?

    How long will it take to receive money after requesting a withdrawal?

    Are there other ways to add money?

    Can I see a breakdown of my transactions and my transaction history?

    What are the withdrawal limits?

    Adding money using My Code

    Auto Top-up

    Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

    Bangkok Bank (BBL)


    Boonterm Kiosk

    Termsabuyplus Kiosk

    How do I add money from Mobile Banking Apps in LINE Pay

    Credit Cards

    I can't register a credit card

    Why did I get a message saying that a payment was made when I added my credit card?

    Are there some cards that cannot be used?

    How many credit cards or debit cards can I add?

    I lost my card registered on LINE Pay.

    Can I see the breakdown of credit card payments?

    How do I make payments with my card registered to LINE Pay?

    What happens if my registered card expired?

    How do I add or delete a card?

    LINE Pay credit card verification

    LINE Pay credit/debit card verification (SMS:OTP)

    LINE POINTS Credit Card

    How to apply and activate LINE POINTS Credit Card

    How to bind LINE POINTS Credit Card with LINE Pay

    Can LINE POINTS Credit Card be used with other LINE Pay accounts?

    What happens if LINE POINTS Credit Card is removed from LINE Pay e-Wallet account (card binding cancellation)

    How to earn LINE POINTS from spending with LINE POINTS Credit Card

    Conditions to earn LINE POINTS

    How to calculate LINE POINTS

    LINE POINTS special promotion

    Goods and services that cannot earn LINE POINTS

    When will I receive LINE POINTS?

    When I spend abroad, will I receive LINE POINTS at the same rate?

    How to check my LINE POINTS

    How to check LINE POINTS and cancelled LINE POINTS

    The difference between "Based Points" and "Bonus Points"

    The difference between "Standard Points" and Limited-time Points

    LINE POINTS from LINE POINTS Credit Card can be expired?

    Can LINE POINTS be negative?

    When will LINE POINTS be cancelled?

    Where to use LINE POINTS?

    Why LINE POINTS cannot be used at some merchants?

    How to cancel order from using LINE POINTS Credit Card?

    What happens to LINE POINTS if LINE account is deleted?

    What happens to LINE POINTS if LINE Pay account is deleted?

    Can LINE POINTS be paid for decimal value?

    LINE My Card

    What is LINE My Card?

    How to start using LINE My Card?

    Account cannot be linked

    Sending/Requesting Money and Splitting Bills

    Can I send and request money, and split bills with friends who are overseas?

    Can I send money to a LINE friend who is not signed up for LINE Pay?

    When will money I requested appear in my balance?

    Can I see my history of sent/requested money and split bills?

    Can I send and request money or split bills if I'm not signed up for LINE Pay?

    What is the Split Bill feature?

    How do I send money?

    How do I request money?

    What are the limits on sending money?

    Making Payments

    What payment methods are available on LINE Pay?

    Can I check the delivery status of my purchase?

    The amount of my automatic payment was different than the last time

    Which services and stores accept LINE Pay?

    How do I cancel a transaction?

    I can't make purchases with my credit card registered to LINE Pay

    Making payments at physical store locations

    Why can't I make payments using LINE Pay on my smartphone?

    Can I make purchases without registering to LINE Pay?

    What is My Code used for?

    Has the transaction been completed if the Transaction Completed status says

    What is Scan used for?

    How do I make a purchase?

    Making payments with My Code

    How to pay an electric bill

    How to receive bill alerts

    How many accounts can I set to receive bill alerts?

    Can I make partial payments?

    Will I get the Points I used back from a canceled payment?

    I couldn't use my LINE Points when making a payment

    I can't scan the barcode on a bill

    Using LINE Pay overseas

    Where can I see a breakdown of my payments made with LINE Points?

    Can I make payments at physical stores with LINE Points?

    Making payments on online stores with LINE Points

    If a payment with LINE Points is canceled, how is it refunded?

    Can I specify the number of LINE Points I want to use in a payment?

    Can I use LINE Points with My Code payments?

    Mobile Top-Up/On Top Package

    What is Mobile Top-Up?

    How do I top-up my phone number?

    Can I charge a mobile phone other than my own?

    I entered the wrong phone number