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    Receiving LINE LIVE bonuses as LINE Points

    Requesting a refund

    Are Free LIVE Coins eligible for a refund?

    Checking your refundable paid LIVE Coin balance

    Will I be refunded JPY 1 per Coin?

    If I purchased LINE Credit to buy LIVE Coins, is my LINE Credit eligible for a refund?

    Do I need to apply separately for every platform (e.g. iOS, Android, PC) I have Coins on?

    Do I need to apply multiple times if I have a Coin balance on more than one device?

    I can't log in to the refund application form

    I logged in to the refund application form, but it says I'm not eligible

    An unexpected error occurred

    An error occurred on the GMO-PG Remittance Service page

    Can I receive a refund if I live outside of Japan?

    Changing your registered information after applying for a refund

    I applied for a refund but haven't received it

    Disputes and other trouble when using LINE LIVE

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