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    Getting started on YONDER

    What is YONDER?

    How can I provide feedback or suggestions?

    Is YONDER free?

    What devices can I use YONDER on?

    Why does the app require call permissions?

    Accounts and Login

    How do I change my username?

    I am having trouble logging in.

    I forgot the email address I used to log in.

    I forgot the social media account I used to log in.

    I forgot my password.

    I did not receive the password reset email.

    I'm locked out of my account.

    How do I delete my account?

    Can I log in using my Apple ID on an Android device?

    I've been reading without logging in. Will my reading history be lost once I log in?

    After signing up for a new account, can I transfer the Coin balance from my previous account?

    After signing up for a new account, can I transfer my reading history from my previous account?

    App Troubleshooting

    The app is not working properly.

    The app is frozen on a blank screen.

    I can't connect to YONDER.

    Chapters are not loading properly.

    I'm having trouble downloading the app.

    The app keeps crashing after updating it.

    Using YONDER

    How can I read offline?

    I want to customize my viewer settings (font, font size, font color, background color, brightness, scroll effect, night mode, etc.)

    How do I subscribe to a series?

    How do I update my registered device(s)?

    Is there a way to share my favorite stories on social media?

    Does YONDER offer personalized recommendations?

    What sort of notifications can I receive from YONDER?

    How do I update my notification preferences?

    I'm not receiving push notifications.

    I can't turn on push notification settings for News & Events, Subscription Updates, or Daily Unlock Reminders.

    How do I manage my YONDER reading activity?

    My reading history has disappeared.

    My subscriptions have disappeared.

    I can't download chapters.

    When I try to read a previously downloaded chapter in offline mode, I get a message that says, 'Renew your offline access.'

    My comment was deleted.

    Is YONDER related to Wattpad or WEBTOON?

    Are there restrictions based on the OS version?


    What are Coins?

    How do I purchase Coins?

    How do I use Coins?

    Do I need to create an account to use Coins?

    How old do I have to be to use Coins?

    Can I use Coins purchased on a different device?

    Can I use Coins purchased using a different OS?

    How can I view my Coin Purchase history?

    How can I get Promo Coins? How long are they valid for?

    I want to receive reminders for any expiring Promo Coins.

    Which devices and app versions do I need to purchase and use Coins?

    Can I purchase Coins using a credit card?

    Are my payments secure?

    My Coin balance did not update after purchase.

    Will I be charged even if my Coin purchase is not processed successfully?

    I keep getting a "Payment in progress" message.

    My Coin balance increased even though I didn’t purchase any Coins.

    How do I refund my Coin purchases?

    How do I check the status of my canceled Coin purchases?

    Can I receive a refund for Coins I've used to unlock chapters?

    Why have my Coins disappeared?

    How do I get special Coin packs?

    Can I choose which Coins to use when unlocking a chapter?

    Can I purchase coins on iOS while logged in as a guest user?

    What happens when you purchase Coins using an Apple ID account?

    What currency is used to determine YONDER Coin prices?

    Unlocking Paid Chapters

    How do you know if chapter is locked?

    How do I unlock a paid chapter?

    What is the price of a paid chapter?

    What is a chapter bundle?

    How do I unlock a chapter bundle?

    Does access to unlocked chapters expire?

    What happens when a previously unlocked chapter is no longer available to unlock?

    Where can I view my chapter unlock history?

    Why can't I view a previously unlocked chapter?

    How is my mobile data used to view an unlocked chapter?

    Can I access unlocked chapters on a different device or OS?

    Can I access previously unlocked chapters if I log out or reinstall the app?

    Paid chapters purchased on Apple account

    Why is the chapter is still locked even though my Coins/Free Passes were used?

    There is a problem with the chapter I unlocked. Can I get a refund?

    I unlocked the wrong chapter using by mistake.

    I unlocked a chapter I already unlocked before.

    I ended up with chapters I didn't mean to unlock through a bundle purchase.

    How do iOS guest user purchases work?

    Free Pass

    What is a Free Pass?

    How do I get Free Passes?

    How do I use Free Passes?

    Do Free Passes expire? Are they refundable?

    Does access to chapters unlocked with Free Passes expire?

    Where can I see my Free Pass usage history?

    Why can't I use Free Passes to unlock certain chapters?

    Can I choose which Free Pass to use?

    Why is the chapter is still locked even through my Free Pass was used?

    Daily Unlock

    What is Daily Unlock?

    How do I participate in Daily Unlock?

    How do I get Daily Unlock Passes?

    How long are Daily Unlock Passes available for?

    Do Daily Unlock Passes expire?

    How do I use Daily Unlock Passes?

    What chapters can I unlock using a Daily Unlock Pass?

    How do I update my Daily Unlock notification preferences?

    What happens after access to a chapter unlocked using a Daily Unlock Pass expires?

    Can I participate in multiple Daily Unlock events?

    Do chapters unlocked with a Daily Unlock Pass expire?


    How do I report plagiarism or copyright infringements?

    How do I report a comment?

    How do I report inappropriate content in a chapter or series?

    How do I report typos, translation errors, or something incorrect I found while reading?

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