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    What kind of service is LINE Pay?

    Recommended system specifications for LINE Pay

    I was charged an international transaction fee

    LINE Pay safety

    Signing Up and Leaving

    How do I sign up for LINE Pay?

    How do I delete my LINE Pay account?

    Will my LINE Pay account be deleted automatically if I delete my LINE account?


    I forgot my passcode

    Changing your passcode

    About passcode lock

    Can I deactivate my account?

    I want to reactivate my account

    Can I continue using LINE Pay after changing to a new device?

    I can't use my account after changing devices

    Can I use the same LINE Pay account on multiple devices?

    Why can't I set a passcode?

    Checking the phone number and email address registered to your LINE Pay account

    How to verify your identity if you forgot your passcode

    How to reactivate your account

    Credit Card

    Registering/deleting a credit card

    How do I make payments with my card registered to LINE Pay?

    Checking your credit card payment history

    Cards that can be registered to LINE Pay

    I lost a credit card registered to LINE Pay

    My registered credit card expired

    I can't register a credit card

    Why did I get a message saying that a payment was made when I added my credit card?

    Accepted credit card types

    How many credit cards or debit cards can I add?

    Why did I get a message saying I exceeded the number of times to add cards?

    I can't add or pay with my debit card

    LINE Pay credit card verification

    Why can't I verify my credit card?


    What payment methods can I use with LINE Pay?

    Which services and stores accept LINE Pay?

    Can I cancel an order?

    About pre-approved payments

    Can I check the delivery status of my purchase?

    Making online purchases with LINE Pay

    I can't make payments using LINE Pay on my smartphone

    Can I make purchases without registering to LINE Pay?

    I can't make purchases with my credit card registered to LINE Pay

    Making payments at physical store locations

    About the Scan feature

    What is My Code used for?

    Using LINE Pay overseas


    What should I do if I have a problem with LINE Pay?

    Can I offer LINE Pay as a payment method at my store? (For merchants)

    Changes made to LINE Pay (August 2015)

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