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    Where can I find the player?

    Can I maximize the player?

    How can I change a song playing on the mini player?

    Can I use the same name for multiple playlists?

    Deleting playlists

    Deleting/organizing songs in a playlist you created

    Songs won't play

    What's Local Music?

    What's the difference between Local and Downloads?

    I can't use Local Music

    Do I need to register my device?

    Song playback randomly cuts in and out

    Seeing what songs will play next in your queue

    Karaoke settings

    Displaying the options menu for the full player

    Checking the song lyrics screen

    Playing songs continuously


    Saving songs to Downloads to play offline

    Songs I downloaded disappeared/cannot be played

    Setting a song to play next

    About the OCR feature

    About karaoke mode

    Managing your queue

    Using karaoke mode

    Displaying synced lyrics

    I don't see my Top 50 list/My played songs aren't being counted

    Checking how many times you've played a song

    Using the Scoring feature

    Changing the queue your songs are played in

    Songs I've listened to aren't showing up under Recently played

    Viewing translated song lyrics

    About Loudness Normalization

    Using the furigana for song lyrics feature

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