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    About WEBTOON

    What is WEBTOON?

    Is the WEBTOON app free?

    Which devices does the the WEBTOON app work on?

    Having trouble using the app or experiencing errors?


    Can I use Sign in with Apple on Android devices?

    I can’t log in using my social media account.

    I can't log in - the page says my email is not registered

    How do I reset my password?

    How do I delete my account?

    I have two accounts under the same email.

    My auto login was disabled, and I can’t remember my WEBTOON account.

    My auto login was disabled and ‘My Series’ history has disappeared.

    I haven’t received a password recovery email.

    Do I have to create an account with my email address?

    How to use

    How do I download WEBTOON episodes?

    How do I subscribe to my favorite series?

    How do I manage my WEBTOON activity?

    How do I change my notifications settings?

    I want to stop receiving the WEBTOON newsletter emails.

    How do I share my favorite series on social media?

    How do I report offensive comments?

    How do I report inappropriate content in an episode or series?

    How do I change the app's display language?

    I can’t download the app.

    I can’t connect to WEBTOON.

    The app keeps stopping while loading the series.

    The app froze on a white screen as soon as I launched the WEBTOON app.

    My app display language changed to English after I updated the app.

    The app keeps crashing after I updated the app.

    ‘My Series’ and subscriptions suddenly disappeared!

    My history, subscriptions and coins disappeared.

    I can’t download WEBTOON episodes.

    I'm not receiving push notifications.

    Can I access Fast Pass or Daily Pass episodes that were unlocked using Apple login on Android devices?

    I can't turn on push notification settings for New Releases, Notice & Events.

    What is Reading History Sync?

    All of my recently viewed episodes and series disappeared.

    I received a 'Storage Almost Full' error message during the sync.

    An error occurred during the sync.

    Coins/Unlocking Episodes

    What are Coins?

    Do I need to create an account to use Coins?

    How old do I have to be to use Coins?

    Can I use Coins to access paid content across multiple languages?

    How do I purchase Coins?

    How do I use Bonus Coins?

    How do I check ‘My Coins’ purchase history?

    How do I use Coins?

    Can I purchase and use Coins on the WEBTOON mobile/desktop website?

    Can I pay for Coins with a credit card?

    Are my payments secure?

    How do I report Coin purchase payment errors?

    Will I be charged even if a payment is not processed succesfully?

    I keep getting a "Payment in progress" message.

    My Coin balance increased even though I didn’t purchase any Coins.

    How do I cancel my Coin purchases?

    How do I check the status of my cancelled Coin purchases?

    Can I receive a refund for any Coins I've used already?

    What is Fast Pass?

    How do I unlock Fast Pass?

    What types of content can I purchase, and how?

    How much does Fast Pass cost and for how long are they valid?

    How do I check my Fast Pass history?

    Does reading unlocked episodes require data? (Do data rates apply?)

    Can I cancel the Fast Pass I’ve used for an episode?

    How do I get a refund if there is a problem with an unlocked episode?

    Can I delete my history for Fast Pass and Daily Pass (payment history)?

    What happens to my unlocked episodes if the series is discontinued?

    I unlocked an episode, but it’s locked again.

    I unlocked the wrong episode.

    My Coins were charged incorrectly.

    I can’t find Coins I’ve purchased or episodes that I’ve unlocked.

    It says I have exceeded the number of devices I can register.

    What are Free Coins?

    How do I use Free Coins?

    Do Free Coins expire?

    I want to know the status of my “Free Coins”.

    I didn't receive my Free Coins.

    My Free Coins disappeared!

    Which completed series will be locked?

    How many Coins does it take to unlock an episode after a completed series becomes locked?

    What is an Episode Bundle?

    What is Daily Pass?

    How do I use Daily Pass?

    How long can I read an episode for free after using a Daily Pass?

    What happens to an episode I used Daily Pass on after 14 days?

    I've used up all my Daily Pass. When can I use Daily Pass again?

    Where can I see the episodes I used Daily Pass on?

    Can I download episodes after using Daily Pass?

    How do I turn off notifications for Daily Pass?

    I can't find Coins and unlocked episodes that I purchased while logged out of my account.

    I want to transfer Coins and unlocked episodes that I purchased while logged out to another account. 

    I can't redeem my Free Coins even though I have completed the event.

    How can I use my promotion code?

    What is Daily Pass Original?

    How are DPOs different from DPs?

    Publishing on WEBTOON Canvas

    What is Canvas?

    How do I start publishing on Canvas?

    How do I put music/gif/animations into my series?

    How do I save a draft?

    How old do I have to be to publish?

    Who owns the content I publish on Canvas?

    What does it mean to be a WEBTOON Original?

    How are Originals chosen from Canvas?

    Why was my series taken down?

    What is the process of restoring my series after it was taken down?

    Someone is posting my series on WEBTOON without my permission.

    Where is the ‘Publish’ button?

    My files aren’t uploading.

    Can I upload CANVAS episodes using Internet Explorer?

    What if the file size of my thumbnail is larger than the upload limit?

    How do I create my profile page?

    My profile page suddenly disappeared.

    How do I write a post?

    My post suddenly disappeared.

    How do I edit my profile?

    My profile picture disappeared.

    When do I receive notifications about my profile page?

    My series does not appear on my profile page.

    Ad Revenue Sharing Program

    What is the Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

    How can I join the Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

    How long does the review take?

    How is the revenue calculated?

    How are payments processed?

    How can I collect revenue?

    Why am I not receiving payment even though there is a balance in my Account?

    How do I handle taxes?

    How can I split my share with my co-creators?

    How do I cancel my participation in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

    What type of content is allowed for the Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

    When do content reviews take place?

    What happens if I violate the policies and/or terms?