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"This service is currently unavailable" appears and I can't participate in a promotion toggle
To participate in a LINE POINTS promotion, a phone number must be registered to your LINE account. Promotions won't be displayed if your account is only verified with Facebook.

To register a phone number to your account:
1. Go to the Friends or More tab and tap Settings.
2. Tap Account.
3. Tap Phone number.
4. Enter your phone number, then tap Verify phone number or Next.
5. Enter the verification code in the text message you received.
Note: On some Android devices, the verification code sent to you via text message will be entered automatically.

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Why didn’t I receive Points even though I’ve fulfilled the conditions? toggle
First, please check the conditions for earning Points on the details page for each promotion. If you did not receive Points despite fulfilling the conditions and after waiting for 24 hours, the following cases may be possible.

App installation type promotions
- You have previously installed the relevant app in the past.
- You did not start the app within 24 hours after installing it.
- You did not return to the promotion's details page within 24 hours after starting the app.

Mission type promotions
- You have previously applied for an item or service for a promotion with the same details in the past.
- You changed browsers halfway through participating in a promotion.
- You have set your browser to block cookies.

- The maximum amount of Points to be issued for a promotion has been reached.

If you tap the menu icon at the top of the screen > LINE POINTS History > Earned and see a Pending status, it means the Points you earned are delayed. In this case, please wait for some time to pass for the Points to be issued to you and check once again.

If the issue persists even after checking the above, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

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