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    About LINE MUSIC

    Recommended specifications for LINE MUSIC

    Can I use LINE MUSIC for free?

    Does LINE MUSIC use data?

    Can I use LINE MUSIC internationally?

    About Friend's Choice

    I live in Japan, but cannot use LINE MUSIC. What should I do?

    Can I use LINE MUSIC on more than one device?

    Copyright license information

    About the L Mark

    About Trademarks

    Opening LINE MUSIC from the widget

    On what occasions will I receive push notifications?

    I don't see Topics on the main menu

    Can purchased songs be added to a playlist?

    BGM & Melody Top 100 doesn't show up on Home

    Friend's Choice doesn't show up on Home

    About your Top 50

    Sorting the songs in Downloads under Library

    Albums Top 100 doesn't show up on Home

    What you can do with the LINE MUSIC official account

    Using LINE MUSIC as a guest user

    About videos

    Identifying songs playing around you

    About the EQ feature

    Changing the LINE MUSIC app's theme

    End of support for LINE MUSIC versions earlier than 5.0 (Android/iOS)

    I subscribed to a plan but can't use LINE Stickers Premium

    About the LINE MUSIC free sticker plan for LINE Stickers Premium

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