What should I do if I'm experiencing problems? toggle
Please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

For inquiries related to tickets, please provide us with the following information. 
Note: If you do not answer all of the following questions, it may take us longer to assist you. 

1. What is your registered information on LINE?
Phone number:
Email address:

2. What is the name of the ticket(s) you purchased?

3. How many tickets did you purchase?

4. When did you purchase the ticket(s)?

5. What is the trouble you are having, and what is your request?

6. Please send us a screenshot of the confirmation email or purchase history for the relevant ticket(s).

7. What was your order number and method of payment?

For steps on how to check your order number and payment method:

App Store
Please check your iTunes Store order number.

From Purchase History on LINE STORE, please check the relevant item and tell us which payment method you used.
E.g. Purchased with LINE Credit

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I didn't receive Bonus Coins toggle
Please check the Bonus Coins you've received by following the steps in this Help article.

If you were not issued Bonus Coins you should have received, please contact us from the Inquiry Form.

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Can I transfer my Coins and purchased music to another LINE account? toggle
If you want to transfer your Coins and purchased music to another LINE account, please contact us from the Inquiry Form.
Important: Please keep in mind that you will not be able to transfer your Coins if you change to a device running an OS that is different from the one you purchased them with. 

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Issues with purchased music toggle
If you are experiencing any of the following issues with purchased music, please contact us from the Inquiry Form:

• There is an issue with a file and it won’t play.
• You don't hear any sound.

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