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    Brokerage trades (market orders)

    About market orders

    Buying crypto assets

    Selling crypto assets

    Transaction fees when buying/selling crypto assets

    Can I buy crypto assets right away after depositing money to LINE BITMAX?

    Checking current crypto asset rates

    Checking previous crypto asset rates

    Rate fluctuation when buying/selling crypto assets

    Limits for buying/selling crypto assets

    Checking your history of traded crypto assets

    When can I buy/sell crypto assets?

    I want to cancel a transaction

    I can't place a buy/sell order

    Trading units for buying/selling crypto assets

    What is an insider?

    I was asked for a passcode when trading crypto assets

    About the charts/rates for periods before LINE BITMAX started

    What happens if a crypto asset I buy for JPY 1 is equivalent to less than the crypto asset's trading unit?

    I can't sell the crypto assets that I hold

    I want to withdraw crypto assets in Japanese yen

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