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    About monetization

    Checking an account's ad revenue totals

    Checking if you're eligible for monetization

    Process for receiving ad revenue

    Registering your payment information

    About the service charge for receiving your ad revenue

    Monetizing your previously posted videos in bulk

    Video ad formats

    Maximum number of ads that can be displayed

    Can I set the timing for ads to be displayed?

    Setting ad categories

    Editing and deleting monetized posts

    Changing the monetization status of individual posts

    Changing the ad settings of individual posts

    Posts that cannot be monetized

    Checking your ad revenue balance

    Checking your daily ad revenue

    Requirements for monetization

    How long does it take to review my account monetization application?

    Can I change monetization settings during a boost?

    Can I get paid ad revenue after deleting my LINE official account?

    Receiving ad revenue for deleted posts

    My monetized post was deleted

    About the invoice system

    What happens when I comply with the invoice system?

    Requirements for complying with the invoice system

    Adding your qualified invoice issuer's registration number (the number used with the invoice system) to LINE VOOM

    After adding my qualified invoice issuer's registration number, from when will consumption tax be applied to my revenue?

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