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How is the use of unauthorized content handled? toggle
The sale of content found to be infringing on rights will be suspended.

If you find any such content, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

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What does each review status mean? toggle
The following statuses may appear in the list found on the Mange Items page.

Editing: The stickers or themes are currently being edited by the creator, and a review has not been requested.

Waiting for Review: The creator has submitted a review request and the stickers or themes have not been reviewed.

In Review: The stickers or themes are currently being reviewed by LINE Creators Market.

Rejected: The stickers or themes have been rejected because they did meet the review criteria. The creator will be able to edit the text information and the sticker or theme images.

Approved: The stickers or themes have passed the review. You can now release them for sale.  

On Sale: The creator is currently selling the stickers or themes.

Release Stopped: The creator has currently stopped selling the stickers or themes.

Banned: Due to a problem with the stickers or themes, LINE Creators Market has removed them from sale.

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Can I edit items or their display information while they are being reviewed? toggle
No, you cannot edit the images or display information for items (stickers, emoji, and themes) under review.

- You also cannot change images for items that have already gone on sale. However, you can still update the display information for stickers and themes. Please keep in mind that updated display information will also need to be reviewed.
- We plan on adding the ability to update the display information for emoji at a later date.

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Resubmitting an item that was rejected by our review toggle
You can find the reason an item (sticker set, emoji set, or theme) was rejected on My Page in LINE Creators Market. You can resubmit the item for review after editing it.

To confirm why your item was rejected:
1. Log in to LINE Creators Market from your PC.
2. On My Page, click Message Center.
3. Click the item that was rejected. The message will tell you why your content was rejected.
- When an item is rejected, a notification will be sent to your registered LINE account and email address.
- You may not receive detailed reasons for why an item was rejected.

To resubmit an item for review:
Note: Be sure that you have made the necessary corrections to your submission before reapplying.

From LINE Creators Market on PC:
1. Click Manage Items and select the item to resubmit.
2. Click Edit.
3. Edit the item to address the reason it was rejected, or delete it.
4. Click Request.

From the LINE Sticker Maker app:
1. Tap the package containing the rejected sticker images.
2. Confirm the reasons why your stickers were rejected, then edit them accordingly or delete them.
3. Tap Sell.
4. Select the number of stickers and a main image, then re-enter the product details.
Note: Since you will be creating a new package, you cannot use the same package name as the one that was rejected. Please rename it when you reapply for a review.
5. Tap Submit.

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