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    In which countries can I sell my items?

    Setting prices for your items

    Changing the price of an item before it goes on sale

    Changing the price of an item already on sale

    How can I see my price change history?

    Can I sell time limited stickers, emoji, and themes?

    Can I sell multiple items using the same LINE account?

    Can I sell themes if I don't sell stickers?

    Can I use sticker illustrations for themes?

    Can I sell a separate theme with the same illustration but a different color scheme?

    Releasing approved items for sale

    A theme I started selling does not appear in the Theme Shop

    Can I put my items on sale right after submitting them for review?

    Can I use and share the stickers I made without selling them?

    Downloading your own stickers for free

    What do the privacy settings do?

    Selecting how many stickers are in a set

    Sticker image file names and sizes

    Selling stickers or emoji that use photographs

    About custom stickers

    Can I make animated custom/message/big stickers?

    Sale region for custom/message stickers

    Checking text in custom or message stickers

    About message stickers

    About Schedule Release

    About LINE Stickers Premium

    When will changes to the LINE Stickers Premium setting be applied?

    Items supported in LINE Stickers Premium

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