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    How can I buy a pet?

    How can I make a pet my own pet?

    The pet suddenly disappeared

    What kind of pets are there?

    I want to try keeping some other pets.

    Can I receive push notifications on the next time I can call a pet?

    How many pets can I own?

    Can I know when I can see a pet that is not yet My pet?

    How can I quickly max out the friendship level to make a pet my own?

    Why does a pet dissapear if I don't play with it?

    Can other avatars play with the pets in my room?

    Can I play with pets in other avatars' room?

    How can I see the pets I own?

    Are there levels for pets?

    What happens when I max out a pet's frienship level?

    I have two pets but can only see one of them

    How can I clear a "Pet your pet" quest?

    What is the heart icon next to the pet's head?

    Where can I check the number of Hearts that my pets have received?

    Can I change the pet that comes with me when I visit other avatars' room?

    My pets are sleeping.

    I want to learn about Riding Pet.

    What is Pet Status and where can I find it?

    What is Riding Pet Gacha and where can I find it?

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