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    What is VIP?

    Where can I see details about VIP?

    What's VIP Exp?

    How can I raise my VIP rank?

    When can I get the gifts for the different VIP ranks?

    When are VIP benefits valid until?

    What happens to VIP Castle visiting gifts and bonuses when the month changes?

    What items are not eligible for the Gift Shop 1+1 Rewards?

    Will VIP Castle visiting gifts be distributed only once?

    Where are the animation Gachas?

    Where can I play VIP Gacha and VIP Royal Gacha?

    From which rank can I play VIP Gachas and VIP Royal Gachas?

    Can other avatars see my VIP level?

    Can I get recycling bonus perks for all items?

    What is the VIP Castle?

    I can't see Sebastian's avatar profile

    What is VIP Royal?

    What are VIP Royal and higher ranks (Royal Blue, Royal Purple, Royal Black)?

    What happens when the month changes for people of VIP Royal rank or higher?

    Where can I see my VIP Exp?

    What's a VIP Storage?

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